All teas are served in a 0,4l teapot


Ginger tea 70Kč

black tea with pieces of ginger

Earl Grey 70Kč

black tea with bergamont oil

Japanese leme tea 70Kč

green tea, daisy blossom, lemon peel

Le Touarég 70Kč

green tea with Moroccan Nana Mint and sugar

Chocolate tea 70Kč

rooibos, cacao bean, cinnamon,ginger, cardamon


Assam 70 Kč

black tea from the marshy lowlands of India, with rich taste and aroma

Keemun 75 Kč

unigue Chinee tea with honey scent and unforgettable taste


Jasmine Tea  75Kč

tea from Chine scented with jasmine blossom

Lung Ching 85 Kč

amous sort of Chinese tea, with fine taste,

transparent light green in the cup

Sencha 100 Kč

strongly stimulating tea with a fresh ocean scent and full taste,

characteriastic for Japanese tea


Granny´s Kiss 75 Kč

flowers of Europeani elder, leaves of blueberries and black currant

Quiet Breeze  75 Kč

tops of balm, oregano, flowers of lavender


Masala tea  95 Kč

tea made according to an ancient Indian recipe, also called „Yogi Tea“,

strong black tea with milk, sugar and seven kinds of spice

White tea  80 Kč

rarity from China, stimulating „Silver-Tips“ tea of an excellent taste

and slightly sweet flower aroma

Darjeeling Oolong Superior 95 Kč

first flush of the highmountain Indian tea, golden in the cup,

tea of delighful taste and aroma

Indian Summer 70 Kč

hibiscuc, blueberry, raisins, alderberries and black currant